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 Make software decisions based on your business initiatives, not your enterprise software                     provider’s roadmap.

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Spinnaker Support is a leading global provider of third-party support and managed services for Oracle, JD Edwards, SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft and Open Source.

Spinnaker Support currently services medium to large size enterprises running all versions of SAP Business Suite from R/3 to ECC 6, with thousands of professional users spanning over 100 countries around the globe. We support over 120 SAP products and Business Applications, including SAP GRC, SAP HCM, SAP BPC, SAP Hybris, and SAP Ariba.

 Spinnaker third-party software support replaces SAP’s annual application support and saves customers an average of 62% on maintenance fees. Our third-party support provides more services through an assigned support team that delivers a highly personalised experience.


Your operations depend on your SAP applications running smoothly and efficiently. With third-party support, you gain high responsiveness and faster resolution when problems do arise and at a fair price — especially for products that SAP charges you for but no longer supports. You can remain on your current SAP solutions, like ECC6, for as long you need and also rely on our expert advice when you eventually upgrade, move to the cloud, or migrate away from these products.

Managed Services

Free up your time for more pressing priorities. We take over everyday technical and application management and monitoring or can assume complete responsibility for your software ecosystem.

Third-Party Support

We know your Oracle, SAP, and JD Edwards products inside and out. Our global team of seasoned engineers provides unrivaled, personalised technical support for a wide range of products and at a fair price.


Maximise the perfomance of your Salesforce, JD Edwards, or database products. We complete high-impact projects like migrations, health checks, and emergency services that propel your business forward.

What we support

Gartner peer insight

“Spinnaker provides us with access to a highly knowledgeable team for our CNC, development and support of our JDEdwards environment. This service is provided around the clock. This helps me achieve a high level of availability to my internal and external customers along with peace of mind in emergency situations.“



The Skeptic’s Guide to Oracle Third-Party Support

Not sure if you’re ready to switch away from Oracle-provided support? This detailed guide will remove all doubt.

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