Trusted Multi-Factor Authentication

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Eliminating the largest security threat: the password database

Multi-Factor Authentication in 2.5 seconds
Advanced multi-factor authentication powered by zero-knowledge proof, securely connects your identity online, with a safer and simpler user experience than traditional passwords and two-factor authentication solutions.

MIRACL Trust MFA platform is a cloud-based service that provides secure, multi-factor authentication to employees, partners, and external users without sending authentication credentials across the web for storage in the cloud.

This means it can’t be compromised.

Zero Knowledge Proof & Authentication

Prove You Know a Secret Without Revealing That Secret to Me

MIRACL Trust utilizes an ISO/IEC approved zero-knowledge technique, meaning that the end user can prove to the authentication service that they know a secret, without revealing that secret to the verifying party.

No security-related information is stored on our servers or yours. This means that there is nothing for a hacker to steal.

User authentication takes place on the device (against an incomplete software token in a web browser or mobile application) and is secure against database breaches and man-in-the-middle intercept attacks.

No credentials such as usernames, passwords and OTP are ever exchanged between clients and servers in whole form.

Enterprise Customisable Authentication

No User Data Stored, Ever.
Zero knowledge means that no verification information of value is stored in whole form on a business server or on an end user’s digital devices.

No User Data Sent, Ever.
Zero knowledge means no verification information of value is sent in whole form across a mobile or web network. Miracl provides a single security solution for both current cyber challenges and your future initiatives (including IoT and Enterprise Blockchain).

By replacing your outdated practices and infrastructure, including passwords, root keys and stored credentials, Miracl enable you to ensure the identity of any person, app, or thing that authenticates into your network, or any network.

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