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Founded in 2007 by veterans in the enterprise infrastructure and security space, HyTrust accelerates datacentre transformation by removing the security concerns that act as a critical inhibitor to virtualization and cloud adoption. HyTrust is partially owned by VMware and Intel.

The mission of HyTrust is to mitigate the risk of catastrophic data center failure and data breaches — especially in light of the concentration of risk that occurs within virtualized and cloud environments. With HyTrust, organizations can now confidently expand virtualization to mission critical applications and take full advantage of the cloud.

Cloud Protection

HyTrust CloudControl provides advanced privileged user access control, policy enforcement, forensic and automated compliance for private clouds.

Data Encryption

HyTrust DataControl provides powerful data-at-rest encryption and integrated key management for workloads running in any cloud environment.

Key Management

Encrypting workloads helps enterprises to ensure their data is protected. One of the challenges of workload encryption is scaling the management of encryption keys.

A UK mobile phone technology supplier implemented Hytrust CloudControl, DataControl and KeyControl deployment to a cloud environment allowing for the desired mixed mode PCI segmentation and PCI DSS compliant environment

Dixons Carphone

When we began to build private cloud, we determined it was easier and far less risky to build security in from the beginning, than to retrofit security after the fact.

Troy Casey

Security Architect, McKesson Information

The technology and expertise provided by HyTrust dramatically simplified the process of preparing for our FedRAMP certification. HyTrust added key administrative control and visibility into our virtual infrastructure, along with comprehensive and granular auditing. I wish deployments with all vendors went as smoothly as ours did with HyTrust.

Randall Poole

Vice President of Cloud Services, QTS

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