Converged, Scale-Out Virtualisation & Storage

Founded in 2007, Scale Computing develops converged, scale-out, virtualization and storage systems for small to medium-sized organisations based on its patented HyperCore Software.

These systems enable IT professionals to virtualize environments on a converged scale-out architecture that delivers shared storage benefits without a SAN and with performance that stays one step ahead of demands.

HC3: The Virtualization Platform

Scale’s HC3 Hyperconverged Infrastructure is fully inclusive of storage, and virtualisation into a single appliance that can be deployed quickly, managed easily, and scaled out seamlessly. With hyperconverged infrastructure, SAN and NAS storage is no longer required for highly available infrastructure.

Combining of servers, storage, and virtualisation into a single solution to make IT infrastructure easier for organisations of every size. If you have one IT administrator or hundreds, the HC3 hyperconverged infrastructure eliminates complexity, lowers costs, and frees up management time.

HC3 Edge Appliances: Compute from Beyond the Datacentre

Scale’s Edge computing solution is for any physical computing infrastructure purposely located outside from the four walls of the datacentre. This solution allows a company to instantly collect, process and reduce lots of data to where it is needed, then it can be uploaded to a centralised datacentre or cloud. Scale provides an appliance-based solution for any company managing multiple locations designed for retail, banking or anyone where multiple sites exist.

I was mostly virtual before Scale Computing, but now I’ve saved 15% of time managing infrastructure. Implementing Scale Computing HC3 was a piece of cake. The training Scale Computing provided was excellent and intuitive, so I was able to quickly and easily move data from my old virtual machines to the new ones.

IT Manager, Weston Homes

Scale Computing HC3 provides ease of use and instantaneous recovery from hardware failure. If I need to spin a machine up to try something, it’s as simple as clicking a button. I run around from one site to another and help with various projects. Implementing HC3 has made my life so much easier because I’m not worrying about running updates on my hypervisor and I can look at just one control panel for the servers across each site. If HC3 needs an update, there’s one step and no downtime.

Tony Serratore

IT Manager, Penlon UK

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