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Secure Virtual Smartphone On Any Device

Achieve a win-win for both your company and employees with our BYOD policy.
Ensure your corporate data is always secured and completely under your control while delivering a better work-life balance for employees.

Cubed Mobile is a centrally managed and tightly secured workspace, encapsulating an entire smartphone in a super-app. lt enables IT departments to centrally deploy and manage secure sandboxed environments to any Android and iOS device.

Cubed Mobile transforms one mobile into two, encapsulating an entire business smartphone in a super-app. Delivering a complete workspace combined with a unified communication hub, the self-contained, centrally managed virtual smartphone, can be installed on any device.

Why Cubed Mobile

Reduce hardware costs with a SaaS of virtual phones

Reduce security costs remotely control all employees devices

Ensure productivity even when phones are replaced, lost or stolen

Automate deployment, policy management, app delivery, and updates

Comply with GDPR rules protecting users privacy

Key use cases

Secure Remote Workspace Keep your business data isolated in a secure encrypted environment.

Personalized Device Management Create workspaces with different settings, apps and access-rights based חס user parameters.

Data Loss Prevention Remotely backup, restore and wipe entire workspaces.

User Privacy Policy Manage corporate data while leaving your employees’ personal data untouched.

Unified Team Communication Strengthen your team with multiple phone lines, secured file sharing, and instant messaging.

Cubed Mobile enterprise virtual smartphone

Corporate Control
Strengthen security, smooth communication coordination & ease management of BYOD with a new approach to the MDM ecosystem

  • Simplify the corporate mobile experience
  • Accelerate workforce digital transformation
  • Consolidate all internal and external communications in one homogeneous environment
  • Eliminate the need for a second device or SIM
  • Ensure work-life-privacy balance
  • Create separate silos between the corporate and personal using different runtime environments and phone lines

Strengthen the User Experience
Give employees a fully functional smartphone wrapped inside an app on their own or shared corporate devices

  • Allow separate environments with workspace customization
  • Permit employees to use their own device, apps, and configurations
  • Get different phone numbers, contacts, ringtones, apps, etc. for personal and business
  • Minimal training and shallow learning-curve with intuitive UI
  • Ensure ongoing productivity even when phones are replaced, forgotten, lost, or stolen

Streamline Security & Operations
Centrally manage and tightly control and secure all mobile workspaces

  • Automate deployment, provisioning, policy management, app delivery, and updates
  • Enhance team collaboration from international helpdesk to conference calls and from sales to support
  • Complete containerization Built-in enterprise-class security
  • End-to-end workspace integrated unified communication platform
  • Supports any device or OS
  • Minimize risk by shutting down workspaces in case of device theft or loss

Flexible Customization
Create and enforce different settings, all with comprehensive monitoring on an easy-to-use management console

  • Embeds a unified communications environment, within a state-of-the-art platform
  • Complete cloud-based disaster recovery
  • White-label version available

Compatible with many popular tools, such as:

Management console

Easy onboarding
Create your business account through a simple wizard and default values. Compatible with your LDAP Active Directory system for seamless integration.

Users (employees) management
Let your admins invite and remove users, edit personal details, settings and virtual lines, filter lists of associated devices. A retired employee’s data can be wiped, transferred or suspended immediately.

Apps management
You can manage your own application store relevant to your users, define which apps to pre-install or suggest them to have, deploy non-commercial inhouse applications and filter apps in white/black lists.

Employee profiles group management
With Groups you can unify users and assign the m common configurations (acess control and permissions, wallpapers, home screen and store apps, communication credits, etc).

Communication management
Provide your employees low rate pre-purchase indternational virtual phone numbers with pre-paid Call & SMS’s credits. You can also enter your company’s already-existing VOIP phone numbers and configurations.

Best practices with several measures are constantly taken to safeguard the administrative environment and comply with rigorous standards and regulations.

Virtual smartphone super app

Enterprise-level secured environment
With multi-factor authentication, encryption of stored and transmitted data – your corporate data stays safe and protected. For advanced security enhance your environment with a built-in VPN service.

User (employee) management
Restore your encrypted backed-up environment (apps/web-apps, calls and messages, contacts, gallery) on every Android/iPhone.

lnternal organizational app-store
Cubed Mobile allows you to install and launch iOS and Android apps in the virtual space, according to the content definitions set by your admin.

Allow your employees to have a variety of apps in their virtual environment, set personal wallpapers, ringtones and work schedules. Set the rules to control where & when the environment should be accessible.

Virtual communication
Make and receive Calls&SMS’s inside the org anization for free, and external low cost communications – with prepaid company credits. Users can decide to record their own calls or not.

lnternal contacts list
Create an isolated contact list. Add contacts from your company and import contacts from the hosting device.

Company unified messenger
Extend your team communications with free secured Push-To-Talk (PTT) service and chat, which supports text, image and audio file transfers.

User privacy
Each user can stay anonymous in the network while activating apps, using our incog nito browser, and making calls or texting throug Cubed Mobile

Secured gallery
Make photos & videos with an internal camera and save them into a local enclosed Gallery.

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