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DataCore Software delivers the industry’s most flexible, intelligent, and powerful software-defined storage solutions for block, file and object storage, helping more than 10,000 customers worldwide modernize how they store, protect, and access data.

The company’s comprehensive product suite, intellectual property portfolio, and its unrivaled experience in storage virtualization and advanced data services, position DataCore as the authority on software-defined storage. Over 10,000 deployments have the advantage of using DataCore.

DataCore SANsymphony

Software-Defined Storage for SAN and Hyperconverged (HCI) Environments

Maximize the collective value from your storage infrastructure by delivering fast, uninterrupted data access, while reducing storage costs and increasing flexibility and scalability.

DataCore SANsymphony enables you to centrally automate and manage capacity provisioning and data placement across your diverse storage environment (any SAN, DAS, HCI, or JBOD). Powered by a block-level storage virtualization technology and a rich set of data services, SANsymphony gives ultimate flexibility to control how you want to store and protect your data. Ensure business continuity with just 2 nodes, easily scaling out to 64 nodes. You can achieve greater productivity for performance-demanding workloads by improving I/O processing and reducing read and write latency.

DataCore Swarm

Software-Defined Object Storage for On-Premises and Private Cloud Environments

Ensure rapidly scaling datasets are continuously protected and instantly accessible while eliminating tedious storage management, reducing TCO, and enabling distributed workloads.

DataCore Swarm provides an on-premises object storage solution that radically simplifies the ability to manage, store, and protect data while allowing S3/HTTP access to any application, device, or end-user. Swarm transforms your data archive into a flexible and immediately accessible content library that enables remote workflows, on-demand access, and massive scalability.

DataCore vFilO

Global File System for Distributed Sites and Hybrid Clouds

Simplify shared access, control, and protection of files scattered over multiple systems in different locations while maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs from on-premises and cloud storage.
DataCore vFilO solves these problems by creating a scale-out global file system across distributed sites spanning on-premises and cloud-based NFS and SMB shares. It continually load balances, safeguards, and migrates files between active primary tiers and secondary tiers like S3 object storage. Leverage a software-defined architecture for maximum flexibility by mixing and matching storage of your choice based on cost, performance, and other bespoke requirements.

For the Heart of Worcestershire College, SDS has emerged as the historical victor over hardware in supporting the number of students and the availability of critical applications, even in remote learning times. Better still we’ve been able to stretch the use of the original HP storage arrays and haven’t had to go through the trauma of rip, replace and redo since.

Ed Haworth

IT Lead Engineer, Heart of Worcestershire College

SANsymphony offers an outstanding price performance ratio. The numerous integrated
technologies helped us successfully migrate the data centres; they solve our current storage
problems and give us a high level of flexibility and investment security for the future.

Matthias Fahrner

Director IT Competence Center & Strategy, TUI Cruises

The DataCore and VMware solution allows us to plug in and support storage and virtual
servers as and when we need; ultimately DataCore provides a cost-effective storage solution
that we are happy to recommend.

Jon Hutchings

Senior Systems Engineer, Oxford University Computing Services

With Datacore in place and with hardware in two different locations, this has allowed us to make our mission critical clinical imaging, along with other systems, highly available. Since we have implemented this we have not experienced any downtime-even for system maintenance.

Jill Wojcik

IT Director, Mount Sinai Health System

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